Monday, August 4, 2014

A Day in the Life!

     Hello everyone! Well there's a lot going in the Froelich house these days! Starting with working almost everyday for dad, mom, and Aaron, so I have lots of time for myself. This week I'm teaching VBS at our church!
     Shelby, our dog, she recently has gotten a bath, so she is one big fluff ball! Mom and I went on a walk and the hair was literally falling off of her! Recently we had our 1 year anniversary with my babies, Stave and Charlie Rose! They turned 1 on May 31, and on July 19 we celebrated one wonderful with them! We love our animals so much here, they give us lots of love, laughs, and hair!
Some things we've noticed in the past year about the boys are that love each other! They do almost everything together sleep, eat, lick each other, and love to watch outside in the windows together! Charlie is a big momma's boy, he loves to sleep in bed with me at night, sometimes he even checks on me in the middle of the night! Stave loves almost everyone, he's like a "wet noodle" my mom would say when people hold him! People always ask "How do you tell the difference between them??", well when you live with them 24/7 it gets easier.
     Every Monday I go down to Mayo hospital and volunteer with some people. I usually have lots of fun with that! Dad goes on a bike ride with mom sometimes depending on their work schedule, and Aaron is where he always the basement playing video games!
     Summer is coming to an end with school right around the corner! I will be freshman this year and Aaron will be starting college at CVTC! Lots of school work to be passed around!
     Ali is doing great in Norfolk, VA still, and is rooming with her good friends Carly and Amanda! Her friend Stone just came back from Florida, and going to be there until March of next year.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Wausau 24!

     This past weekend was filled with fun, laughs, and hours upon hours of bike racing! We started off the weekend early on Friday morning! We packed up 2 cars with 3 bikes, 1 camper, 5 people, and lots of food! We were off to Wausau, WI for much fun to be had. When we arrived it was a little past noon on a beautiful, warm sunny day!
     Our campsite consisted of 5 different families, 3 campers, and at least 5 tents full of people! On Friday afternoon the racers got all geared up for a pre-ride to check out the course. There was 4 teams doing the 12 hours duo: Mindy/Marisa, John/Doug, Jason/Eric, and Jim/Andrea, and 2 men doing the 24 hour: Craig/Jon. Also Mark did the 12 hour solo, along with Aaron Roth.
     While they were pre-riding Craig's little girls, Olivia and Isabelle, loved playing house and running around in all the campers. While they played with Katherine, my friend, and I in the campers for awhile, Aaron went on a bike ride with a young group of girls and one little boy! 
     After the pre-ride we cooked dinner, sat around the fire, and played lots of card games! After all the fun we had that day it was time for bed to get rested for big bike race the next day!
     Everyone was up early Saturday morning to get ready for the big day. The race started at 10 A.M., all 3 races(24 hour, 12 hour, and 6 hour) started together. The laps were 12 miles long, and full of rocks, tough climbs, and tight twisty root sections. The starters for the race in group of people were Mindy, John, Jason, Jim, and Craig. The bikers had to run around a little section to start their chips and it lead them straight to their bike, which they had jump on to start the race!
     Each team had their own little strategies for the race to finish strong. Some of the strategies were the people on the teams would do every other laps or every 2 laps even! After the first lap many people switched up people, Doug for John, Marisa for Mindy, Eric for Jason. Then on the second lap everyone switched up again and this time Andrea for Jim and Jon for Craig. The laps and switching of people went on for hours and hours! Mark and Aaron took breaks here and there to rest and to get more energy for more laps!
     We heard of many stories about the race course and all of the different people racing. One story that gives me the chills to the day, was a young girl, the age of 12, biked the 24 hour race solo! Her goal was to finish at least 100 miles, which is at least 8 laps, wow! 
     Many of us to pass the time went on a Walmart run for everyone, cheered loud for everyone, and many were taught how to play the card game spit! Most of the girls played the game for 3 or 4 hours straight! Aaron even set up a tournament bracket for everyone to play and we all enjoyed doing that. 
     At around 10:30 we headed down with Doug to watch dad to finish his very last lap of his 12 hour race! When he came in there was plenty of smiles, happiness(to be done), and sweat to go around!      
     We headed back to camp to get dad all cleaned up and cheer on Jon and Craig. Many of us stayed up later that night to cheer, for s'mores, and to play with all the glow sticks! Some pulled all nighters to be able to help Jon and Craig, but most went to to bed around midnight. 
Sunday morning most were up around 8 o'clock drinking coffee, eating breakfast, and still cheering on the racers! Jon went out around 8 to finish one more lap and the rest of us waited for awhile to go down to see Jon finish. Many of the 24 hour racers waited right before the finish line so they wouldn't clock in before 10 o'clock or else they would have to go and do another lap!
     After we watched the finish of the 24 hour race we packed up and headed back for home. The final stats for our group of racers was that John and Doug finished 17 out of 29, Mindy and Marisa finished  1st, and Jon and Craig finished 1st out of 13 teams! Mark finished 9 laps and ended up in 6th, and Aaron finished 3 laps. Much fun, memories, and miles biked was had! Congrats to all the bikers that participated in the Wausau 24 and especially to our little group of people who raced!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Alison is now a sailor!!!

On November 18 Alison graduated from Navy bootcamp.  We spent the weekend with her in Chicago.  

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Ali Gone

Ali is off to the Navy!! So on the 13th of October was marking 1 month after Ali left. The 13th of October is the Navy's  and Maggie's  birthday. We have gotten many letters from her and 2 calls. The 1st call was just to say that she safely arrived and the 2nd was because she got free time to call. We miss dearly and love her. So pray for her a lot that she is safe and healthy.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Aaron and cousin Mason went snowboarding today, had a load of fun!!!
Here are a couple of pictures of them taking by auntie Missy, bless her heart she went there with the two boys.  This was the first time for both of them at an actual skiing hill, and they went to beginner lessons.  Aaron said that it was very helpful, and by the end of the day they were going off some jumps!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

2 Feet of Brand New Snow

When I was at Maggie was at her friend Jackie's house for a sleepover. That was going to be one night but, ended up being two nights because of the snow. On Friday we got about one foot then Saturday we got another foot of snow. Then the next day (Sunday) Tori picked Maggie up and went to get a Christmas tree. When they finally got home Alison and Tori bake so many good and beautiful cookies!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Cherishing Memories

As many of you know our Alison has started her journey beyond our nest.  We are all very proud of her choices, and are excited as she works towards accomplishing her goals and aspirations.  
For those of you who don't know Alison signed on December 2 to join the U.S. Navy, and is expecting to leave on July 11 2011.  Her contract is for aviation electronics technician, where she hopes to be connected with a squadron that tours the world.  Weather on land or sea she hopes to see more of the world, and enjoy the opportunities as a sailor.  Alison is also training to become a candidate for the aviation rescue swimmer program, and join the special operations devision called SARS(Search and Rescue swimmer.)  This is an exceptionally difficult program to get into, and even harder to pass.  She has a membership to the YMCA in town, and is going to train there for these goals.  Also she is a very busy senior, and as busy as ever.  She has ran cross-country for four straight years on varsity, is in the middle of basketball season, 2nd. year on varsity.  She has also joined the robotics team this year, which is a new adventure for her.  Between all of her current commitments she will have monthly Navy meetings, and tests for the SARS program.  So we will not see her EVER!!!  
Tori and I are sharing many fears, thoughts, and tears over the latest changes in our life, but stand together in our pride for her.  Yet this Christmas has been difficult to think about, in the sense it maybe the last of its kind for us.  Many tears have been shed this weekend, as we celebrated with Tori's family on Saturday, and with just us today.  Hopefully it will get easier when the holidays are over, but for know I am thinking of many of my favorite Ali moments.  And sharing some photos from the weekend.

This is Ali and Jeremiah(her recruiter), at her final Christmas choir concert.  Jeremiah and his family came to enjoy the message of Christmas presented by the Immanuel concert band, flute band, and mass choir.

Nana and Papa's on Saturday night with their cousins, we had a wonderful time as always.

Alison this morning opening her new scapebook, which she hopes to fill with many new memories.

Alison just looking cute in her PJs she is so cute!!!